Websites SEO for Photographers

Websites SEO for Photographers

SEO website

KEYWORD DOMINATION: When we say keyword domination, we mean any sub-keyword will be included.  For example: Family photography keyword – any “family Keyword” will be dominated.

GOOGLE BIZ LOCAL DOMINATION: Any keyword you dominate for your website, we will do the same for Google Biz local listing.


You’re just starting out and need help with setup, hosting, domain name, and other things to start posting your photographs.  You’re at a point where you are telling yourself “I need a photography website”.  If you’re a beginner, it’s a daunting task to learn all about it.  It takes time to connecting the domain name to your photo hosting site.  You just want to start showing off our portfolio and start blogging your work so that everyone see’s it.  Heck, I know how you feel.  I was there many years ago, burning the midnight oil, figuring out how to buy my photo domain, then figuring out which hosting account is best for me.  What are these numbers; bandwidth, disc space, number of domains, file manager, ftp, and the list goes on.  What a headache but I remember spending many weeks to several months learning all those stuff and figuring out how to do it.  It was a pain in the arse.

I am still a part-time photographer in my city, shooting mainly portraits of families and couples.  At times, I do wedding photography too.   It’s been always a dream for me to do what I love best.  Imagine doing photography for a living and making it.  For many years, I struggled trying to figure it out, you might say, I wasted so many years learning about SEO, hosting, setting up my website, when I could have been doing what I love the most which is photography.  Being out there a shooting away and creating fine art photos.  Instead, I ended up learning SEO – search engine optimization.  It took a while to learn about on-page and offpage optimization but I figured it out.  I also learned that running a professional photography business is not easy.   You need presence and understanding who, what, when to market your business too.  How you need to be seen all over the net, in social media, and word of mouth via friends / relatives.   This mind boggling for starting photographers to figure all this out.  Just thinking about, one might just give up from frustration.  Setting up a photography website is very difficult for someone who is just starting out.

Build Your Own Website

Now, that there are website templates for photographers, website builders, and hosting under one roof such as Weebly, Squarespace, Format, Wix, and other web site for photographers, which makes it easy for newbies.   This makes it very convenient for someone new to start these websites.  It’s one place with little headache.  There’s a price that you pay, however, when choosing these types of one shop, one stop, photography website.  Unlike WordPress, these sites does not give you the ability to add essential plugins to help you with your SEO.   Yoast and All-in-One SEO plugins are a very powerful tools are just one example.  Another is hosting for these companies are just a handful of IP addresses which may slow your site down.  I’m guessing that some of these website companies have a slow hosting which is not helpful for a photography website SEO since we do load large photos onto each post.  If it takes too long to load, your potential client will leave.

Photography Website Hosting

I’ve been thinking about providing the same as the other companies above.  Providing the same service but with more options.  Such as choosing any photography template such as Pro Photo.  We would provide the hosting, transferring your domain, setting up your photography WordPress site so that it’s ready for you to use.

Since we provide SEO to businesses, we would also provide an upgrade service to make sure that your site is on-page optimize at all times.  We will also provide services to spread those blogs all over the internet such as Redditt, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  We will spread them all over that you are seen as “popular” by Google.

Furthermore, we can also add another service where you can show up closer  to page one or even on page one by using one of our templates.   Unlike Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, and Format, we offer something more important; that is SHOWING UP AS CLOSE TO PAGE ONE as much as possible.   What good is a website if no one can find it?

We know that we can offer a better service than the above companies.  We can offer more and help you show closer on page one of Google.  SEO is our business.  We are here to make your dreams come true.

Photography Websites – Packages

Package 1: $20 / Monthly

(We will upload the theme, transfer your website, setup your WordPress, host your site.  You will then able to tweak your website to your liking.)

  1. Hosting – fast, robust hosting site
    • Our hosting is one of the fastest hosting site.  Not your cheap typical slow hosting account.  Fast!
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Storage
  2. Transferring the content of your site
    • We will transfer your existing website to our hosting free
  3. Uploading your theme / transferring your domain
    • If you’re a new to photography, we will upload the theme and get you setup.  You’ll be ready in no time.
  4. Ready to run SEO WordPress site
    • We will setup your WordPress with the right plugins.
    • We will make sure that you keywords are your title
  5. Troubleshoot issues

Package 2: $40 / Monthly

  1.   Same As Above
  2.  On-page Optimization Monthly Check
    • We will make sure that each new blog that you post has the right keywords present
    • Proper keyword density check

Package 3: $55 / Monthly

  1. Same As Above
  2. Social Media Setup
    • Twitter, Thumblr, Linkedin, Delicious, Facebook, and more automatically post your blog when you publish it.
  3.  On-page optimization of your whole website.
    • Proper keyword density
    • proper keywords

SEO Package 4: $99 / Monthly per keyword domination (additional $400 one time setup and additional $100 setup per keyword – one time setup fee)

  1. Same As Above
  2. Using our private theme and setup, we will move you to page one

(Max 1 photographer per same city / same keyword.  Example: Keyword “San Diego Wedding Photographer” I can only have one client max for that keyword in San Diego)

  • Older websites with content will benefit the most (You’ll see results within 2-3 months).
  • Newer website will be a little longer to optimize (You’ll see results within 6 months).


  •  Which keywords can I dominate?
    • Any keyword you want.
      • Wedding Photography Keyword Domination (additional $50 per month for this keyword)
      • Family Photography Search Engine Optimization
      • Children Photography Search Engine Optimization
      • Studio Photography Search Engine Optimization
      • Videography SEO
      • Boudoir Photography SEO
      • Corporate Photography SEO
      • Commercial Photography SEO
      • Engagement Photography SEO
      • Newborn Photographer SEO
      • Maternity Photography SEO
      • Senior Photography SEO
      • ANYTHING ELSE???
  •  Can I dominate other cities?
    • Yes you can dominate multiple cities for the same keywords using sub domains.

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